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Fungi Club facilitator 

ROle Description

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Person specifications:

Motivated, community-minded, organised, works well within a team with an interested in fungi. We're open to Facilitator roles being quite flexible and are open to people focusing on one or more areas of the club. If you have a specific skill set or interest, please let us know in your application. 

Position time frame:

Flexible - preferably 3+ months

Flexible - 2-6 hours per week 


In addition to the Fat Fox Team (Ben and Lex) we are now looking for several individuals wishing to join forces and take a lead role in creating a support network for the growing number people with a general interest in fungi and amateur mycology via the Fat Fox Fungi Club. 

The Fungi Club Facilitators will take the lead in establishing and managing the Fat Fox Fungi Club through one or more of the following areas:

  • Online Community  (social, networking, sharing advice and guidance) 

  • Fungi Project Sessions (support for in-person practical projects) 

  • Fungi Club Events (In-person community projects, talks, workshops and social gatherings) 



The online group (Discord) is a place where people can gain insight into projects, seek / offer advice & guidance on cultivation, news, events and share general mushroom interest. In addition to this online forum, content from fungi projects will be shared across multiple platforms (blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok). Facilitators will assist in the production, edition and sharing of this content.  


Fungi Project Sessions (Thursdays 19:00-22:00)

Based at the Fat Fox HQ ‘Wyn Works Studios’, the  Fungi Project Sessions will provide individuals or groups with space and support to plan and carry out mycology projects and experiments. Fungi Club Facilitators will help shortlist project applications.  Facilitators will have the opportunity to receive sterile flow hood training to better practically assist those undertaking their projects. 


Fungi Club Events

These may include forays, film screenings, guest speakers, workshops, knowledge-share sessions, general social meet-ups etc.  Facilitators can help dream up and plan these events which can take place at Fat Fox HQ or other venues.

Facilitator activities may include:


  • Creating and maintaining the online Fungi Club community. 

  • Monitoring email including assessing and shortlisting applications for Fungi Research Group sessions.

  • Assisting with Fungi Project Sessions sessions.

  • Planning and coordinating Fungi Club events.

  • Finding grants and other funding to help support Fungi Club.

Benefits to those in Facilitator role:

  • Access to Fat Fox infrastructure for personal fungi projects.

  • Introductory flow hood training.

  • First refusal on volunteer and paid employment opportunities within Fat Fox Mushrooms.

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