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Fungi Club Projects

Propose a Fungi Project!

If you have a mycology-based or other fungi related project in mind,  but don't have the skills, expertise or access to the equipment to make it happen, our Fungi Research Group is here to  help!


As part of the Fat Fox Fungi Club, we have decided to open our doors, share our knowledge and support a wider community.

We don't always have room for every idea we get and so its application based process. 

You don't necessarily require any experience with mycology to have your application approved but here are a few tips to help you have a better chance of success:  

We don't have a huge site and storing large scale projects in between sessions is not possible. Larger group sizes also fill our space quicker so we advise only including key members, or more importantly those with skill that will be an asset to the project.

Projects that run over long periods of time or are very resource heavy take away from other projects. If this describes your project, then make sure its a good one!

We love interesting, unusual and progressive projects.

Make sure to allocate plenty of time for the planning preparation and execution of your project.

Your project needs to be realistic!


We also ask that:

You document and take the time to share your project via the Fat Fox Fungi Club online group and that content including photos can be shared on the fat fox mushrooms website and social media pages.

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