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The Fungi Club has officially become a Community Interest Company!

That means 
we're now officially a social enterprise looking to spread the spores and create a mycelial network throughout London and the world! 

Stay tuned for our new website.


The Fungi Club

With more and more people realising the untaped potential of fungi, we often find ourselves engaging in conversations with people keen to undertake interesting fungi project or share their love of fungi with a community. 


The Fungi Club engages people interested in learning about fungi and mushroom cultivation through events, workshops, growing projects and our online community. This social enterprise empowers communities to grow their own food and learn about the crucial role fungi play in the natural environment. We build communities around the shared passion for mycology both in person and online. The Fungi Club sets up mushroom growing spaces at community gardens, allotments and schools. These projects aspire to help connect people with nature and sustainable food systems as a means of developing individual wellbeing and community cohesion. 

Whether you are wanting to gain deeper insights into mycology or looking to connect with other fungi enthusiasts, we welcome you to join us in the Fungi Club community!

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Seasonal Mushroom Box Subscription
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With the Seasonal Mushroom Box scheme you will  explore the wonders of growing a wide range of mushrooms at home throughout the year and help support the Fat Fox Fungi Club's community projects!

Over the course of the year, this scheme includes 8 deliveries that will have you exploring a diverse range of edible and/or medicinal mushrooms. From fast fruiting gourmet staples to rare medicinal beauties the seasonal mushroom box is designed to provide an intriguing and insightful journey into this fascinating world. We've have planned the scheme around the  the growing seasons of different species and this means that you will be never be far away from fresh mushroom!  


All the species  come with easy to follow growing instructions, access to online content and our newsletter. The newsletter will include recipes, cultivation tips, fungi club updates and cool fungi based experiments to try at home. 


Support the Fungi Club

20% of the proceeds of the the Seasonal Mushroom Box go directly to help fund Fungi Club community projects and events. Your support will help inspire the next generation of mycologists and fungi enthusiasts through projects and community events. 


As one of these first supporters you will be playing an integral role in helping establish the Fat Fox Fungi Club. As a token of appreciation for your support, you will receive one of our first ever Official Fungi Club Ambassador t-shirts!