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Fists in Solidarity

Fungi Club

Start Up Group

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Application deadline:

21 April 2022 


Where: Fat Fox Farm

95A Lynmouth Road

London, E17 8AG

When:Thursday evenings, 7-10pm, May 2022

What: Fungi Club will be a community project and so we're looking for 8-10 individuals that would like to come together and help build Fungi Club infrastructure and test the framework of the Fungi Research Group. We're looking for a diverse group of creative individuals - don't worry, a background in mycology is not necessary! We'll be working with you to help guide and support all of the projects. You can choose to join one of the following 4 teams:


 Visual Content Team

Mission: Generate the video and photography to document Fungi club projects. Use a range of photo and video recording equipment and work alongside other teams to develop ways to document their projects.

Goal: Document the Fungi Club start up process and create a framework for the best approaches for others to document and share future Fungi Club projects.

Equipment: Nikon D5300, Gopro hero4, microscope camera, lighting, reflectors/diffusers, teleprompter, light box, stands, tripods, cables and laptop.

Mycelium Sculpture Team

Overview: Individuals involved with this project will be helping test and develop the framework for Fungi Club Research Group projects. You will come up with a concept for your simple mycelium sculpture, assist us in a mock online application and interview process. Your feedback will help us create a format for future Fungi Research Group project proposals.

Mission: Over the 4 sessions you will conceptualise, propose and build a mycelium sculpture project. You will work alongside the Visual Content Team to document your project and establish how to best share future projects with a wider audience.

Goal: Help us understand how the project proposal process can be improved and how best to assist community members with future projects. 

Flow Hood Creation Team

Mission: Design and build a mobile flow hood station for use in community mycology projects. You will work along side the Visual Content Group who will help you document your experience in a way that can be shared with a wider community. 

Goal: Create and test some of the key infrastructure to enable Fungi Club to carry out future community and Fungi Research Group projects.

Specification: Incorporating a 450mm x 450mm HEPA, Pre filter and controllable centrifugal blower.  You will need to design and create a custom flow hood cabinet to fit on a movable trolley. Construction will be primarily using plywood and perspex. Assistance and a wide range of tools will be at your disposal.

Creative Design Team

Mission: The Creative Design team will focus on the visual appearance of Fungi Club as well as logo and designs for associated materials to support the project. Once your designs are finalised you will be able to screen print the first Fungi Club t-shirts for the group and create banners and signs to help bring the project to life. You will work alongside the Visual Content Team to document your project and share the concepts and design processes with a wider audience. 

Goal: Help set the tone for the Fungi Club community by creating exciting brand identity. Generate some of the branding infrastructure through screen printing and sign/banner making and propose ways to add an ongoing artistic or creative elements to Fungi Club.

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