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At Fat Fox Mushrooms, we love sharing the most enjoyable aspects of mushroom cultivation. Our aim is to make growing mushrooms fun, easy & accessible!

A man holding a reishi mushroom growing from a Fat Fox Mushrooms growing kit.

Grow Mushrooms At Home

Fungi are a fascinating kingdom, they are beautiful, delicious, incredibly medicinal & a real joy to grow.

At Fat Fox, our goal is to make mushroom growing fun and easy for all. For many of our kits you simply pull the tab, follow the instructions and your mushrooms will start to appear in as little as a week!

With all of the hard & technical work done at our end, there is just the fun bits left to be enjoyed!

See our wide range of different mushroom species from Oyster to Lion's Mane to many more.


Success is ensured by our Harvest Guarantee!

Heath and Wellness

At Fat Fox, we believe that mushrooms have the power to bring health an wellness into our everyday lives. Shop our range of home grown, small batch dual extract tinctures lovingly grown, made and bottled at the Fat Fox urban mushroom farm in London. See our new website at


Learn with Fat Fox

Whether it be for food, medicine or the role they play in the natural world, We believe that fungi will play a significant part in all of our futures.


Inspiring others to learn about this fascinating kingdom is something we feel passionate about. Whether you’re looking for a fun practical introduction, hoping to perfect some advanced cultivation techniques, or interested in learning how to build with mycelium were here to help!


Through our range of in-person and online courses, Fat Fox Mushrooms is spreading the

fungi message far and wide!

News From The Farm

Christmas is just around the corner and It's time for our Christmas Pre-Orders 

Our mush-loved Ready-To-Grow kits are now available for pre-order to ship by mid-December.​ Choose from 6 stunning varieties : Lion's Mane, Pink Oyster, Reishi, Blue Oyster, Golden Enoki, and King Oyster. And of course, all are covered by our Fat Fox harvest guarantee. 



We're also launching 3 exciting new products!


DIY Mushroom Growing Kit: A more hands-on experience than our ready-to-grow kits that gives you the chance to nurture your own fungi from start to finish.

The Seasonal Mushroom Box: a year long subscription that lets you grow mushrooms seasonally throughout the year and expand your knowledge of fungi.

Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation Programme: A perfect starting point for those new to the world of mushroom growing, with all the guidance and tools you need to learn how to become an at-home mushroom cultivator over the course of 1 year. 

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