A stack of mushroom growing kits from Fat Fox Mushrooms growing reishi, blue oyster, pink oyster and lion's mane mushrooms.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

close up of a woman holding a small mushroom showing it's gills.

Grow Mushrooms At Home

Fungi are a fascinating kingdom, they are beautiful, delicious, incredibly medicinal & a real joy to grow.

For many of our kits you simply pull the tab, follow the instructions and your mushrooms will start to appear in as little as a week!

With all of the hard & technical work done at our end, there is just the fun bits left to be enjoyed!


Success is ensured by our Harvest Guarantee!

A man holding a reishi mushroom growing from a Fat Fox Mushrooms growing kit.

At Fat Fox Mushrooms, we love sharing the most enjoyable aspects of mushroom cultivation. Our aim is to make growing mushrooms fun, easy & accessible!