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Our ethos: Taking Steps Towards A More Positive Future!


Challenging Times

If you are reading this page then you will likely be well aware of the effect that consumerism plays on the environment. Let's face it, things are pretty messed up and industry plays a huge role. One day I'm sure we will all look back and marvel at just how crazy it was that industries had very little accountability for their impact on the environment.
Until that day it seems to be down to individual consumers and business owners to make the positive changes.

With backgrounds in environmental education, nature connection & permaculture design, working towards the most sustainable outcome has been at the heart of Fat Fox Mushrooms since day one.  
Below are some of the things that we at Fat Fox do in hope that it may shape a more positive future:


Steps Towards Sustainability 

Where possible we strive to play a role in the closed loop economy. This is a model in which things are repaired, shared, reused and recycled. Where one industry waste product can be fed into another and treated as a valuable resource. 
To put this into perspective at the consumer end lets discuss our main product - our mushroom growing kits. What turns up through our customers door is a box approximately 2 kg in weight. This is 1800g of colonised mushroom substrate housed in 200g of packaging. 


We grow our mushrooms on carefully selected natural substrates and the recipe is tweaked for different species to provide best growing results. About 94% of our materials are derived from industry by-products, including PEFC-certified hardwood briquettes, straw stems from British grain harvests, and soya hull pellets. PEFC ensures transparency and sustainability in the wood-based product industry.
When it comes to our packaging we have worked hard to make our growing kits as sustainable as possible. We are working towards offering grow kits that are 100% biodegradable ‘including all packaging’ and so far we have got it down to approximately 99% by weight.

The remaining 1% is a single 17g specialised plastic filter bag that houses the mycelium and keeps it separate from the box. Without it, the mycelium simply starts consuming the biodegradable packaging before the kit is complete. While we continue to work towards a solution it's worth noting that any undamaged bags that people wish to send back to us, can and will be used for a second time.  If you wish to Include your name and contact details we will enter you into our fungi prize draw!

Send them to:
Fat Fox Mushrooms Unit A/4 43-53 ~Markfield Road, London N15 4QA 



The 99% That we have achieved.

Our boxes are fsc certified, hand printed by small business  Using biodegradable inks. We only use biodegradable gummed tapes, and to save on unnecessary packaging we don't double box our products, but instead seal them in multi use compostable mailers. These mailers are designed to be used for shipping a second item before finally lining a compost caddy. When you're receive your parcel, try to remove the mailer carefully so that you don't tear it and If you look closely you will see that it has a second sticky strip built into it that will help you secure a delivery at a later date.



All Fat Fox deliveries are sent using Royal Mail services. With a huge number of on-foot postal workers, Royal Mail has the Uk’s lowest reported parcel carbon footprint of any major UK delivery service (193g C02e). 

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