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Holi Festival

Projects We Love

Find some of the amazing artists, makers and creators we work with and others we just love!

Wyn Works Studios

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 21.51.04.png

Wyn Works studios are home to a collection of artists, makers and environmental educators. It's a cosy nook, hidden away behind big blue doors, on a residential street in Walthamstow. We work with natural materials; from pottery and alternative firing techniques to metal work, natural dyeing, print making, leather work, green woodworking and

even mushroom cultivation! 

+ Fat Fox Mushrooms is lucky to be based amongst so many lovely and talented individuals at

Wyn Works Studios +

Koivu Knives

Koivu Knives takes a step back, slows down, and carefully creates what is arguably one of the most essential tools for everyday use. Including materials with unique stories into their construction, Ben shares his love of this interesting craft through one of a kind commissions and courses.

+ Ben is also one of the directors of Fat Fox Mushrooms +


Hannah Battershell


Hannah Battershell creates work in many forms: intricately layered paper landscapes; diorama-like scenes in tobacco tins; dreamy visions depicted screenprints or cyanotypes. The abiding mood is one of playful darkness and eerie beauty. Sometimes miniature, always detailed, her work asks you to peer into its world up close.

+ Fat Fox is proud to be able to share Hannah's beautiful mushroom inspired artwork! +

Michelle Tylicki

Utopian catalyst, creature of love & mayhem

+ A dear friend and talented artist, Michelle Tylicki helped Fat Fox turn out poster concept into the beautiful 'Spore Lore' artwork!! +

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 22.03.23.png

Walden Arts

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 21.57.39.png

Walden Arts is run by artists Elvira Rose Oddy and Spike Gascoigne, a couple who share a love of art and of nature. We hope that by opening this space we can share this enthusiasm with others. In a time when we seem increasingly detached from nature and from each other we hope to offer an opportunity to reconnect, both with our surroundings, and with our community. Our fully equipped print room and art studio offers a unique space and atmosphere that allows people to work on their own, but together. This provides a rare opportunity to share ideas and company while going on one’s own creative journey.

+ Each on of our boxes is lovingly hand printed by Spike of Walden Press +

London Fungus Network

The London Fungus Network exists to connect mycologically-curious humans with the urban Fungal Kingdom/Queendom. Join us for Myco-Meetups, Fungus Forays, Open-Myc Nights and more mushroom-inspired fun.


LFN is part of London National Park City and run by London National Park City Rangers.

+ Fat Fox ran mushroom cultivation workshops & did a bio-sonification demonstration as part of LFN's Fungus Fortnight in October 2021 +

London Fungus Network Logo.jpg

Duplikat Press

Duplikat is an artist led Risograph printmakers and bookshop based in Hagerstown East London. They work with and print for local (and not so local) artists, illustrators and businesses producing a wide range of vibrant, tactile and colourful prints.

+ Duplicate Press prints posters and cards for Fat Fox Mushrooms using beautiful eco-friendly inks and papers. +

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 13.56.57.jpeg
Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 14.19.48.jpeg

420 Cards

A small greetings card publisher based in East Sussex in the UK that works with lots of wonderful illustrators to create unique, beautifully designed, high-quality cards and gift wrap. Their cards are printed on paper using wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests, use environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks and donate any spare materials we have to the local charities.

+ Fat Fox Gift Wrap option includes their beautiful mushroom print paper +


Mycota investigates the Fungal Kingdom using research, literature, ritual, experimentation, sensory entanglement, craft, and practical biology. The exhibition brings collaborators working across contemporary design and craft practices into conversation with a research archive and with each other to explore the embodied material potentiality of fungi.

+ Fat Fox ran a cultivation workshop at the MYCOTA Exhibition in Soho London 2021 +

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 15.59.00.png

Abagail Brown

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 17.46_edited.jpg

Multidisciplinary Artist Abagail Brownis constantly evolving her work through medium and scale, fascinated by the exploration of combined materials and processes, but always with a focus on the Animal Kingdom. In her '​Living Sculptures collaborating with Fungi' Abagail inoculates her cardboard sculptures with mushrooms spawn and allows mycelium to consume and fruit from her evocative animal heads.

+ Fat Fox provided Abagail with spawn and advice for this project +

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