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Fat Fox Mushrooms

Grow - Learn - Thrive


Our Mission

Fat Fox Mushrooms was born out of a burning passion to share our love for the fungi kingdom! 

Through our range of growing kits, courses, medicinal supplements & mushroom inspired artwork, Fat Fox Mushrooms is passionate about helping you Grow - Learn & Thrive.



Handmade in London

From growing, harvest & packaging, we carry out every aspect of the process ourselves ensuring quality at every stage and bringing a handmade, creative and personal touch to each of our products.

Starting as a humble mushrooms stall outside our studios, we began by selling our home-grown mushrooms to our friends and neighbours.

Today we are proud to offer our range of products to the UK via our online store.  


Our Story

For many years Ben has been fascinated with the world of fungi. Whether it be spending time foraging wild mushrooms in the Finnish forest or carrying out his own mushroom experiments, he always had one foot in the fungi world. In 2020, When the world went into lockdown Ben and Lex decided to join forces and come up with a creative way to share the joy of mushroom cultivation with a wider audience. With the help of a small grant they provided 100 free kits to local residents and Fat Fox Mushrooms was born.


Combining Ben's practical ability for mushroom cultivation with Lex’s passion for creative community outreach, they have struck a balance that has ment the interest in their products has grown and grown. 


Through alternative materials, medicinal qualities and their role in the natural world, Ben and Lex believe that Fungi have the potential to play a key role in shaping all of our futures!

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