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Mushrooms growing out of a bag.

Mushroom Cultivation Workshops & Online courses

Grow your own Mushrooms UK

We are passionate about empowering people to learn more about the fascinating world of fungi! Whether you’re looking for a fun practical introduction or hoping to perfect some advanced cultivation techniques, were here to help! 

Oyster mushrooms pinning against a black background.

Starting the Journey:
Home Mushroom Cultivation

In-Person & Online

An introduction to the principles and requirements for cultivating oyster mushrooms at home. This workshop
will help you create the best chances for success and high yields.

Hay Bales

Micro Mushroom Farming:
High Yield, Low-Tech, Closed Loop Growing


Upscale your mushroom growing to create a micro mushroom farm that will produce a large volume and constant supply of a wider range of mushroom species

Man pouring coffee from a cafetiere.
Materials used to grow your own mushrooms at the Fat Fox mushroom cultivation workshop in London, UK.

Fungi as Recyclers:
Introduction to Home Mushroom Cultivation


Gain an insight into the lifecycle of fungi and learn to create a simple system that will enable you to grow delicious oyster mushrooms at home on common household waste materials.

Sawdust block used for mushroom cultivation.

Advanced Techniques:
Home Mushroom Cultivation

Coming Soon!

Mushroom growing supplies at the Fat Fox urban mushroom farm in London, UK.
Beakers and fasks used for mushroom cultivation.
Honey fungus mycelium goriwng on an agar plate.

Expert - Online

Coming Soon!


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