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Why Grow Blue Oyster Mushrooms:

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are delicious and fast-growing with very high yields! A hardy and vigorous grower, we highly recommend this kit for first-time growers.


⁠Pleurotus ostreatus is an edible mushroom species that can be found across much of the world’s temperate woodland environments. They prefer cooler temperatures between 8 and 20 degrees.

Provided with natural sunlight these mushrooms absorb and store Vitamin D2 and are some of the only naturally occurring, non-animal food sources of Vitamin D.


Cooking Tips: With their subtle earthy flavours and delicate texture, the brackets of these mushrooms are great in Asian-style soups or simply sautéed with garlic on toast. When chopped, the stems from the large mushrooms make a great vegan substitute for mince in anything from spaghetti bolognese to homemade sausages.


Difficulty: Easy

Maximum Yield: up to 1.2kg

Approx. Number of Flushes: 2-4

Time to Fruit: 1-3 weeks

Flavour/Texture: Earthy / Succulent

Preferred temperature: 8-20℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Both


For detailed instructions on growing Blue Oyster Mushrooms, check our online guide here.


All of our kits are meticulously grown and packed at our urban mushroom farm in London. We guarantee the freshness of every kit, which is ready to start growing as soon as it arrives.

Blue Oyster Mushroom Ready-To-Grow Kit

  • Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits contain detailed Instructions, a growing box and a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan substrates. ✼ This kit requires daily misting with a spray bottle free from chemical residues.

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