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Golden enoki mushrooms have a mild, earthy, and slightly fruity flavour. They are part of the genus Flammulina, known colloquially as 'enoki', 'golden needle', 'winter mushroom', 'velvet foot' & 'velvet shank' mushrooms, and grow best in cooler temperatures.

They grow across much of Europe, North America and Asia, inhabiting dead trees and stumps. They can be fruited in two different ways: in a CO2-rich environment which will give them long stems and smaller caps, or exposed to fresh air, which will make their caps much more full.

Want to keep your enoki from forming their naturally wide caps? Try growing them in a sealed bag in the dark (you can even grow them in the fridge)! More interested in shorter-stemmed, beautiful orange caps? Expose your enoki to indirect sunlight and grow them with access to oxygen!

Difficulty: Medium

Maximum Yield: up to 1kg

Approx. Number of Flushes: 1-3

Time to Fruit: 3-5 weeks

Flavour/Texture: Nutty/Crunchy

Preferred temperature: 5-18℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors or outdoors


For detailed instructions on growing Golden Enoki Mushrooms, check our online guide here.


All of our kits are meticulously grown and packed at our urban mushroom farm in London. We guarantee the freshness of every kit, which is ready to start growing as soon as it arrives.


Golden Enoki Mushroom Ready-To-Grow Kit

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  • Enoki Mushroom Growing Kits contain:
    - detailed Instructions
    - a growing box and  a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan growing medium made of sawdust, straw and spent coffee grounds. 
    ✼ This kit may require daily misting with a clean spray botttle.

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