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Why Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms:

Add a vibrant splash of colour to your home while infusing rich umami flavour into your dishes! One of the fastest-growing strains of oyster mushrooms, alongside its cousin the Blue Oyster, when grown in ideal conditions.


Pleurotus djamor, also known as Pink Oyster Mushrooms, thrive in tropical climates in the wild, naturally growing on hardwood. They can withstand temperatures up to 35 degrees but flourish in the 16-25℃ range with ample indirect sunlight to enhance their vibrant hue. While they can be cultivated year-round in centrally heated homes, expect slightly longer fruiting times during winter. Simply mist them twice daily once growth begins.


These mushrooms, when exposed to natural sunlight, absorb and store healthy amounts of Vitamin D2, providing a rare, non-animal source of this essential nutrient.


Cooking Tips: Perfect for Asian stir-fries or as a crispy vegan bacon alternative, these mushrooms offer an umami-packed flavour and a satisfying meaty texture. Harvest them at their bright pink peak during the middle of their growth cycle for the best culinary experience.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Maximum Yield: 1kg

Approx. Number of Flushes: 1-3

Time to Fruit: 1-3 weeks

Flavour/Texture: Umami / Meaty

Preferred Temperature Range: 18-30℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor


For detailed instructions on growing Pink Oyster Mushrooms, check our online guide here.


All of our kits are meticulously grown and packed at our urban mushroom farm in London. We guarantee the freshness of every kit, ready to start growing as soon as it arrives.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Ready-To-Grow Kit

  • Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits contain:
    - detailed Instructions
    - a growing box containing colonised mycelium block grown on a natural, vegan growing medium made of sawdust, straw and spent coffee grounds. 
    This kit requires daily misting with a clean spray bottle.

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