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Do you have a large outdoor growing space? Get this bundle of 4 of our outdoor blue oyster mushroom growing kits to start a large mushroom patch or several patches of edible mushrooms in your garden or allotment. 


These easy-to-use kits can be planted any time of year and will provide 1 to 3 seasonal crops of delicious blue oyster mushrooms. Instructions are included.


Each kit contains a colonised block that should be broken up and buried in the ground or in your chosen planter. You can add additional growing medium such as straw, wood chip, sawdust or cardboard to increase the yield. Depending on when you plant your block, mushrooms can be harvested in between 2- 6 months.


Difficulty: Easy

Care: Easy

Maximum Yield: 5kg or higher depending on the amount of added growing medium.

Flavour/Texture: Earthy / Succulent

Preferred temperature for fruiting: 8-20℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor


See our online instructions here.

4x Outdoor Oyster Mushrooms Bundle (Save £10)!

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  • Outdoor Mushroom Growing Kits contain detailed instructions and a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan growing medium made of  sawdust, straw and spent coffee grounds. 

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