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Golden Oyster Mushrooms also known as Yellow Oyster add a beautiful splash of colour to your home and are delicious to eat. They produce a large number of small delicate fruits. The variety in our kits is Golden Treasure.


Our easy-to-grow kits include detailed instructions, can produce between 1 - 2 flushes and will begin to fruit within 1-3 weeks. ⁠


Pleurotus citrinopileatus are tropical mushrooms that grow wild on hardwood and are native to subtropical regions of Asia. They're a good choice for the late spring and summer as they grow best at  22-26 °C.  You can grow them year-round in houses with central heating, but they may take a bit longer to fruit in winter months


When provided with natural sunlight these mushrooms absorb and store healthy amounts of Vitamin D2 and are some of the only naturally occurring, non-animal food sources of Vitamin D.


See kit instructions here.


Buying as a gift? Purchase Gift Wrap & a Card as add-ons!


Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Information


Difficulty: Easy

Care: Medium 

Maximum Yield: 700g

Flavour/Texture: Umami / Meaty 

Preferred temperature: 22-26℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Golden Treasure Oyster Mushroom Ready-To-Grow Kit

£22.00 Regular Price
£19.80Sale Price
  • Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits contain detailed Instructions, a growing box and  a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan growing medium made of sawdust, straw and spent coffee grounds. ✼ This kit requires daily misting with a clean spray botttle.

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