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Easy to grow and fascinating to watch!


Our easy-to-grow Reishi kits include detailed instructions and a microporous filter bag. It will produce one stunning, otherworldly mushroom over the course of ⁠one year.


Ganoderma lucidum has a long history of use in promoting health and longevity in Asia. In the wild, Reishi grows as brackets on the base and stumps of deciduous trees and prefers temperatures of 21-27℃.


Growing Reishi mushrooms at home is a slow and steady experience and requires little to no maintenance. Find a location in your home where you can watch it develop and marvel at some of the most incredibly strange mushrooms you’re likely to see growing.  


At the end of your growing experience, you will have the raw ingredients to make yourself a range of healthy products from soups and teas to tinctures.


Difficulty: Medium

Maximum Yield: 850g

Preferred temperature: 21-27℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor all year round, can be grown outdoors during warmer months.


For detailed instructions on growing Reishi, check our online guide here.


All of our kits are meticulously grown and packed at our urban mushroom farm in London. We guarantee the freshness of every kit, which is ready to start growing as soon as it arrives.

Reishi Mushroom Ready-To-Grow Kit

  • Reishi Mushroom Growing Kits contain:
    - detailed instructions
    - a growing box containing a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan substrates & a microporous filter bag. 


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