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Micro Mushroom Farm

Micro Mushroom Farming :
High Yield, Low-Tech, Closed Loop Growing

Upscale your mushroom growing to create a micro mushroom farm that will produce a large volume and constant supply of a wider range of mushroom species. 


This hands-on  workshop covers low-tech cloning and spawn production, bulk substrate pasteurisation, substrate choices and using mushrooms to recycle household waste materials, pest and disease control and how to source growing materials. It provides ways to grow both top and side fruiting species using mono-tub technique.

Already taken 'Starting the Journey' or 'Fungi as Recyclers' workshop? Email us for 20% off!


Course Materials include everything to get you started:

2 20L Reusable Mono-tubs

Growing medium


Filter bag for spawn production

Substrate for spawn production


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