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Can't get enough of the vibrant hues of our heat-loving oyster mushrooms?


Get a pink oyster kit, a limited edition yellow oyster kit, and our gorgeous reishi in this bundle. These mushrooms thrive in warmer temperatures, making them perfect for feeding your mushroom growing hobby during the summer months.


Our easy-to-grow kits include detailed instructions, can produce between 1 - 3 flushes (oysters only - the reishi kit will slowly grow one large stunning flush over the course of a year) and will begin to fruit within 1-3 weeks. ⁠


Yellow oysters (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) and pink oysters (Pleurotus djamor), both thrive in tropical climates in the wild, naturally growing on hardwood. Pink oysters can withstand temperatures up to 35 degrees but flourish in the 16-25℃ range with ample indirect sunlight to enhance their vibrant hue, whereas yellow oysters grow best at 22-26 °C.


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has a long history of use in promoting health and longevity in Asia. In contrast to oysters, reishi is slow growing and is very low maintenance. 


Buying as a gift? Purchase Gift Wrap & a Card as add-ons! Please note that you must add the number of gift wraps you purchase will correspond to how many kits will be wrapped (ie. if you want 4 kits wrapped, you must buy 4 x gift wraps). You can specify which kits you want gift wrapped in the order notes.


Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing Information


Difficulty: Easy

Care: Medium 

Maximum Yield: 700g

Flavour/Texture: Umami / Meaty 

Preferred temperature: 22-26℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Pink Oyster Growing Information

Difficulty Level: Easy

Maximum Yield: 1kg

Approx. Number of Flushes: 1-3

Time to Fruit: 1-3 weeks

Flavour/Texture: Umami / Meaty

Preferred Temperature Range: 18-30℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor


Reishi growing information

Difficulty: Easy

Maximum Yield: 850g

Preferred temperature: 21-27℃

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor all year round, can be grown outdoors during warmer months.

3x Summer Shrooms Bundle

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  • Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits contain detailed Instructions, a growing box and  a colonised mycelium block grown on natural, vegan growing medium made of sawdust, straw and spent coffee grounds. ✼ This kit requires daily misting with a clean spray botttle.

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