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A perfect gift for budding mushroom cultivators of all ages!


Our structured programme, consisting of four practical projects, simplifies the art of mushroom growing. You don’t need any expensive equipment or any prior knowledge to start. We provide all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for each project, ensuring you gain the hands-on experience needed to become a successful hobbyist mushroom cultivator. 


This programme begins with a gift-wrapped mushroom cultivation starter pack that includes a welcome card, hydrometer, spray bottle, probe thermometer and pin badge.


Recipients will then receive their first growing project in January. 


Who is this programme suitable for?

  • Beginners who want to learn to cultivate mushrooms at home.
  • People who want a convenient and self-paced way to learn to cultivate mushrooms.
  • People interested in learning about low-tech closed-loop mushroom cultivation.
  • People who are interested in learning more about mycology.


Throughout the programme, you'll learn:

  • The life cycle of fungi

  • How to choose and prepare different types of mushroom-growing substrates

  • Effective at-home pasteurisation techniques that will allow your mushrooms to thrive

  • How to create suitable fruiting environments

  • Basic mushroom cloning to make your own spawn

  • How to efficiently scale up to produce more mushrooms

  • How to grow mushrooms year-round, regardless of the season


The Programme Includes:

  • One gift-wrapped mushroom welcome pack that includes a thermometer/hydrometer for taking temperature and humidity readings, a glass spray bottle, a probe thermometer for checking pasteurisation temperatures and a welcome card.
  • Four overlapping growing projects that progressively build the foundation of knowledge required to become a successful hobbyist mushroom cultivator over the course of one year. 
  • Access to quarterly Zoom sessions for live questions and troubleshooting.


I'm giving this as a gift and I want the intial Welcome Pack sent to my address and the subsequent kits sent to the recipient's address, how will this work? 

Please provide the recipient email and shipping address above. We will only use this to ship future kits and to provide recipients with shipping notifications. If you do not have this information, the Welcome Pack will also provide the recipient with our contact details so that they can let us know where to send their future projects.

Sustainable Mushroom Growing Programme

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